Automated Greenhouse 

Management Platform

Empowering growers to achieve their cultivation and financial goals.

1. Sense

2. Analyze

3. Decide

4. Act

We collect sensory data from your greenhouse with our cobots and robots.

We analyze and present you actionable intelligence about the operation state.

The grower decides how to react to the actionable intelligence we provide.

The proper action can be rendered by humans or robots on the exact location.

Grow Like a Pro!

We help you by providing detailed information and actionable intelligence about your entire operation in a timely fashion so you can extend your presence across your field.

We detect biotic and abiotic issues and anomalies that affect crops at early stages and provide exact location of the affected areas so you can treat them locally with great precision. 


We help you increase your revenue by reducing waste, optimizing growing conditions, providing accurate forecast, pinpointing crop's stress and anomalies and monitoring the quality of crop work.



Our robots empower your staff to go beyond the boundary of time and space and do significantly more in the greenhouse. Our platform takes care of repetitive aspects of the job and allow people to concentrate on high cognitive tasks.  

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