Real-time Analytics, Remote Crop Management, Grower Assistance.

ecoation's OKO Platform:

Your eyes on the ground.

Our platform combines Human knowledge and experience with Machine precision and automation to increase operational visibility, assist growers and enhance decision making.

Be on top of your game.

Unlock unparalleled operational visibility through digitally capturing human observations and monitoring the greenhouse environment to the square meter.

Save time & money

Add hours and dollars back into your day and pockets.

Sharpen decision making

Use AI and technology to extend your expertise and influence.


Closed Loop IPM

Risk projection

Digital scouting and treatment

Real-time live alerts

Our Greenhouse Services


Prevention > Cure.

Detection implies the problem already exists, leaving growers one-step behind.

Get ahead of issues with AI-driven projection prompting proactive action before detection is possible. 


Case Studies

We invite you to explore our downloadable IPM Case Studies that illustrate what becomes possible when you innovate at the intersection of human knowledge and machine precision.

3.3 Trillion

Square feet of

greenhouses monitored

38 Million

Fruits counted using
AI-driven algorithms

163 Thousand

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with issues


"We are excited to partner with ecoation to further our efforts to advance the greenhouse industry."

Bert Mucci

CEO, Mucci Farms


"I would recommend ecoation based on three pillars: IPM Management, Crop Assessment, and Production Forecasting."

Guido van het Hof

President, Great Northern Hydroponics


With every award recognition, Ecoation conveys immense gratitude to growers around the world. 

2015 Innovation Award

2016 Innovation Award

2017 First Prize Winner

2018 Innovation Award

2020 Challenge Winners, Society Category

Thank you for putting food on our tables.


"ecoation helps us keep crops clean ."

Jamie Mastronardi, Owner

Jem Farms

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Featured Blog Post


50 Years of Flattening the Curve

IPM successfully helped growers around the world produce healthy food for half a century. COVID is teaching the world that our safety is not a one-time effort, but a way of life. Sustained monitoring, record keeping, and course correction, just like we do in IPM,  are required to balance public health and economic prosperity both in the greenhouse and in the world.

Voice of the Grower

Featured Podcast Episode

Ep. 1 | Mucci Farms

In this first, official full-length episode of Voice of the Grower, podcast host, Cameron Lust, explores the Mucci Farms family history through stories shared by Mucci Farms CEO, Bert Mucci, Director of Operations, Gianni Mucci, and VPs of Sales & Marketing, Danny Mucci and Joe Spano.

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