Automated and Autonomous Data Driven Crop Management & Grower Assistance

Ecoation's platform acts as your eyes on the ground.

You get the best of both worlds by combining human expertise and sophisticated sensory measurements.

Closed Loop IPM
Climate Anomalies
Crop Work
Virtual Walk
Yield Management
Helping Guide

Customer Testimonial

JEM Farms | Kingsville, ON


Closed Loop IPM

Integrated Pest Management is one of the most important aspects of greenhouse production. 

Our system provides real time alert of pests and diseases risks and also predicts and projects expansion direction of the issues if not treated.

Crop Work

Labour is the most expensive cost in the greenhouse. As such, a lot of facilities have adopted piece rate instead of hourly pay.


It is important to assess the quality of the work on crops. Ecoation provides various crop work assessment capabilities.

Yield Management

Our platform counts every fruit and evaluates and categorizes their color.

In addition to climate, the fruit count is the most important data point that can help growers improve their forecast.

Our system also detects fruits on the ground to help growers minimize their waste.

Climate Anomalies

Ecoation provides the world’s first spatial monitoring of climate and environmental conditions of every square meter of the greenhouse.

Maintaining consistent climate is essential for reliable growth and yield production.

Virtual Walk

In large greenhouses, it is impossible for the master growers to personally visit every plant. With the outbreak of brown virus and other infectious diseases, even consultants can’t roam around.

The Virtual Walk brings crops to your desktop and reconnects you with your plants.

Helping Guide

Third party visit restrictions are now common practice in most greenhouses worldwide. There is cost associated with consultant travel that limits the frequency of their visit.


The Helping Guide connects consultant to crop and the greenhouse operation without jeopardizing the health of plants or people.


"Ecoation makes crops clean again."

Jamie Mastronardi, Owner of Jem Farms

Ecoation Blog

Featured Article: June 8th, 2020

50 Years of Flattening the Curve

IPM successfully helped growers around the world produce healthy food for half a century. COVID is teaching the world that our safety is not a one-time effort, but a way of life. Sustained monitoring, record keeping, and course correction, just like we do in IPM,  are required to balance public health and economic prosperity both in the greenhouse and in the world.

Ecoation Blog

Most Recent Article: July 20th, 2020

Mapping Greenhouse Microclimates and Pest Hot Spots

Maintaining a consistent climate is essential for reliable production in a greenhouse operation. Through the OKO platform, growers are now able to quantify the variability on a per post level as they move the mobile cart throughout the greenhouse.

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Grow Like a Pro!

We help you by providing detailed information and actionable intelligence about your entire operation in a timely fashion so you can extend your presence across your field.

We digitize reported biotic and abiotic issues and anomalies that affect crops at early stages and provide exact location of the affected areas so you can treat them locally with great precision. 

We help you increase your revenue by reducing waste, optimizing growing conditions, providing yield information, pinpointing crop stress and anomalies and monitoring the quality of crop work.




Our robots empower your staff to go beyond the boundary of time and space. Our platform takes care of repetitive aspects of the job and allows people to concentrate on high cognitive tasks.  

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