Maryam Antikchi

Maryam is the CTO and cofounder at ecoation, a technology company responsible for the development of an Integrated Pest Management and Artificial Intelligence Forecasting platform that is used by dozens of large-scale, industrialized, commercial greenhouses around the world.

She has been instrumental in leading the development of the platform, which has helped to revolutionize the way these greenhouses operate. She has spearheaded the mechanical development, factory manufacturing and commercial production of data-collecting robots, including the world’s first autonomous robot used in environment sensing and spot spraying in the greenhouse. 

Maryam has also been the driving force behind the Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning module of the platform that helps accurately predict harvest yields. She has worked diligently with the data science team to craft and test various data models to improve the accuracy of the forecasts. This further helps greenhouses operate efficiently by knowing exactly what harvest to expect and reducing surplus loss, which usually ends as organic waste.

Maryam holds a BA of Science (Engineering Physics) from the University of British Columbia and has worked in multiple projects in various engineering roles throughout her career. By leading the development of ecoation’s IPM and AI Forecasting platform the last few years, Maryam has been pivotal in helping to reduce the environmental impact of commercial greenhouses and in providing food to millions around the world at a more accessible and affordable price point.



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