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Prevent Outbreaks

Our real-time intelligence gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're always in control and one step ahead of pests and diseases in your greenhouse.


75% reduction in pesticides


25% reduction in IPM costs


5x faster time to action

"The IPM platform provides real-time data that allowed me to make decisions within a day. This meant that we were able to treat within two or three days, rather than 7-10 days. The ecoation platform is crucial in helping us see the data we needed to make informed decisions."


Easy IPM Platform for every greenhouse

We keep you one step ahead of pests and diseases, so you can focus on what's important - your crops.

Save money

Lower treatment and application costs by being proactive.


Real-time insights

Right at the touch of your finger, you receive actionable intel giving you peace of mind.


IPM Forecast

Use the forecast for placing next week's treatment orders.


Reduce Crop Loss

Prevent outbreaks and minimize the impact on production due to pests, diseases, and spray.

"By using the ecoation IPM platform we have improved our decision making.”