Optimize Resources

ecoation's IPM and Yield Forecasting enables you to increase the efficiency of your human resources and climate inputs in your greenhouse.

ecoation's location-aware OKO platform and guidebook enable your scouts to cover more area, with higher accuracy. ecoation's microclimate maps allow you to identify climate anomalies and fix infrastructure issues sooner.


75%Increase in microclimate measurements


25%Time saving for staff


5xIncrease in scouting coverage


"Since we started using the IPM Forecasting Platform, we’ve had much better data on which to base our decisions. The platform is easy to use and understand, and the reference guidebook has been a great help in training new employees.

The constantly updated CO2, temperature,  humidity, and light level readings give us a much better picture of what’s going on in the greenhouse, and we can fix structural problems faster."

Jefferson Downton, Greenhouse Manager
Mucci Farms canada

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Save resources and increase visibility

A data-driven platform that helps you increase the efficiency and yield of your greenhouse operations.

Our microclimate measurements and scouting platform will help you gain new and powerful insights into your production.

Location and Area Accuracy_300x-155-155-155-155Save Time

Scout more area with higher accuracy with the location aware platform.

Real Time Insights (1)Real-time insights

Validate your assumptions and gut feeling with data.

Benefit-147Save Energy Costs

Cut energy bills by optmizing greenhouse consumption. 

Visibility and MaintenanceVisibility into Maintenance Issues

Find climate anomalies and infrastructure deficiencies and fix them before they affect your crop.

How does OKO work in a Greenhouse?

OKO is an industrial-grade robot built for greenhouses. OKO is equipped with environment sensors, and a 360° 8K machine vision camera that is used to collect, analyze, and live process data from rows of plants. A large LCD screen with an intuitive interface, supported by multiple languages, is used to capture data observed by the scout on the OKO. The robot is used by Greenhouse scouts to help perform IPM and collect Yield Forecasting data. The OKO processes the data with its supercomputer and uploads the results to a cloud platform to enable growers and managers to get real-time data and analytics from their plants.

This data is used by commercial greenhouses to optimize their resources, including management of workforce, reduce pesticide usage and save on bio-control agents. All this helps maximize crop yield while reducing operational costs. Other benefit of OKO includes maximizing sales revenue through improved yield forecasting. 

Why should I implement IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a holistic approach to pest control that involves scouting and monitoring plants for signs of pest infestations, identifying the pests, and taking action to control them in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. 

The pen-and-paper approach to IPM quickly runs into scalability issues in commercial greenhouses. IPM Digitization reduces administrative costs, improves quality of data, and improves time-to-act once a pest has been identified. All of these benefits are available through OKO as it not only digitizes scouting but also automates many tasks throughout the greenhouse.

What makes IPM with OKOs better?

There can be several factors that make OKOs better than other IPM apps, depending on the specific features and capabilities of each app. However, some of the key advantages that OKOs offer compared to other IPM apps include:

Improved efficiency for scouts
The automation of the monitoring process and the use of advanced technology reduces the time and effort required for IPM. This allows scouts to work up to 25% more efficiently and effectively. 

Real-time data analytics for IPM Managers
While the scouts use the OKO, all collected data, including environmental information and images, are automatically uploaded to the cloud. An ecoation AI engine analyzes the trends and sends a notification to IPM managers and decision makers when needed.

Generating IPM forecast maps
Most scouts only visit 20-30% of the greenhouse every week. OKO uses an AI model to process the information gathered from the scouts, and the environmental conditions, to provide a real-time IPM forecast. This information can then be used by growers to make informed decisions about pest control, as well as prevent and manage outbreaks before they occur. For example, if the IPM forecast map indicates a high risk of pest outbreak in a specific area, the grower can take action to treat that area and prevent the outbreak from spreading. The ability to generate IPM forecast maps in real-time and identify potential pest outbreaks early is a key advantage of OKO over traditional scouting methods and apps in the market. It helps growers to stay ahead of the curve and make proactive decisions about their pest control, ultimately improving yields and maximizing profits.

Lower costs for IPM
By automating the monitoring process and reducing the risk of human error, OKOs can help to lower the costs associated with IPM. The data from growers using the system for more than one season indicates significant cost savings.

Who owns the Greenhouse Data collected by OKO?

You own all of the data collected and stored by OKO and ecoation from your Greenhouse. You have complete control and access to the collected data through our interface. We only store the data for the purposes that have been agreed upon as part of our Digitized Scouting, Integrated Pest Management and Yield Forecasting program.

How much ROI can I expect from OKO IPM?

The OKO IPM module allows growers to quickly respond to pest outbreaks, reducing the negative impact on their crops and maximizing yields. With OKO, greenhouse scouts can become "super scouts" by being equipped with the latest technology and information. This enables them to work more efficiently and effectively to keep their plants healthy and productive. Large-scale commercial greenhouses that were previously using pen and paper typically see an ROI of 2.5x on their IPM efforts. 

How does Yield Forecasting work with OKO?

OKO provides an accurate view of the harvest, which can be used for sales forecasting and decision-making. When driven down a row of plants, OKO automatically captures and analyzes images of the greenhouse. The data automatically gets processed by our on-device supercomputer and GPU. The result is  accurate and available in real-time to decision-makers. Forecasting data can be used to plan and optimize labour, forecast sales, and secure better prices in the market.

Why is OKO's AI better in Yield Forecasting?

OKO’s AI uses multiple data sources to seamlessly combine and create datamaps that factor in crop type, historic performance, input rates, pest hazards, and other pertinent qualitative variables. The result is a highly granular and extremely accurate forecast of greenhouse production that surpasses traditional forecasting techniques. 

What is the accuracy of OKO Forecasting?

OKO’s forecasting accuracy has been demonstrated across more than 20 tomato and pepper cultivars, with consistent outperformance or at par with top-grower 
forecasts. Its use of machine learning algorithms and granular data sources allows for increasingly precise predictions season after season

How much ROI can I expect from OKO Forecasting?

OKO’s forecasting capabilities have been rigorously tested across more than 20 cultivars of tomatoes and green peppers, with minimal deviation between the forecasts and actual harvests.  Leveraging machine learning algorithms, OKO’s forecasting accuracy improves with time, resulting in increasingly precise results from season to season. Importantly, OKO’s AI has consistently outperformed traditional grower forecasts, proving its ability to provide highly granular and accurate predictions for a wide range of greenhouse productions.

IPM & Yield Forecasting Use case

Prevent Outbreaks

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    Easy to use IPM program

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    Real-time pest and disease forecasting

  • check

    Proven to increase labor efficiency and reduce your total IPM cost

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Optimize Resources

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    Cut energy bills by optimizing greenhouse consumption

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    Identify and fix infrastructure problems quickly

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    Drastically improves scouting efficiency and accuracy

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Forecast Yield

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    Fulfill your market obligations with confidence

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    Plan your labour and logistics with precision

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    Visibility to future cash flow

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