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Built by growers, for growers.

At ecoation, we know that farming is one of this world’s most honourable professions. On any given day, new challenges arise and we rely on the people who put food on our tables to rise up and meet them. 


We also know that growing is ultimately a numbers game, so we work tirelessly to get you the information you need, when you need it, so that you can make the best possible decisions. 


We live this every day by innovating at the intersection of Human + Machine and building tools that take the knowledge of master growers and crop specialists beyond the boundaries of time, space, and geography.


Our Greenhouse Services

Closed Loop IPM

Risk projection

Digital scouting & treatment

Real-time live alerts

Closed Loop IPM

Fruit count 

Color assessment

Historical yield trends & future projection

Yield Production Assessment
Yield Production Assessment

Proactively assess crop work 

Protect reputation & ensure quality 

Optimize production & labour cost

Crop Work Check
Crop Work Check

"I really like ecoation risk maps because they help our team to focus. ecoation risk maps greatly increase the efficiency of daily scouting jobs in the greenhouse."

Stella Shen, IPM Manager

 Jem Farms


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Unlock unparalleled operational visibility through digitally capturing human observations and monitoring the greenhouse environment to the square meter.


Need-to-know information, at the right time, to make the best call. 

OKO Digital

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Access our Human + Machine Toolkit

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Real-time Live Alerts

The location-aware OKO platform knows where it is in the greenhouse at any given time, making it possible to precisely record issues and mark the location for follow up treatment. While driving in the crop rows, LCD Live Alerts bring the operator’s attention to the areas with high risk of pest or disease infestation and prompts for verification and task assignment.

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360 Virtual Walk

Near real-time 8k resolution visibility at every row & post of the greenhouse. From remote crop inspection, to external consultation from anywhere in the world, this tool enables growers to extend their influence by allowing them to be in more than one place at a time.

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Dashboard and Reports

Powerful and intuitive, the ecoation dashboard is designed to cut through the data noise and deliver key information and alerts to growers. This interface was built with the grower in mind. Beyond reporting what is happening in the greenhouse, the patented AI / IA KENNIS Grower Assistant provides insights on why it is happening.


Don't take our word for it. 



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Case Studies

We invite you to explore our downloadable IPM Case Studies that illustrate what becomes possible when you innovate at the intersection of human knowledge and machine precision.

Our Commitment to Continued Support

When you incorporate the ecoation platform into your operations, you get more than a machine. Our team of 60+ IPM scouts, greenhouse growers, agronomists, plant scientists, engineers, AI experts, roboticists and business professionals are standing in your corner, ready to act to solve your challenges as they arise. 


Weekly check-ins and reports. Personalized insights crafted by the customer success team. Strategic planning and consultation.


You name it, we’re here to help.

Growing is a number’s game. We provide you with the right numbers, at the right time to help you always win.


"I like the OKO because it just makes sense compared to other apps. It amplifies how I see the crop. It’s less work for more powerful data."

Daniel Bateson, IPM Scout

West Coast Vegetables

The Connected Greenhouse


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