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People Empowerment

Plants are the most reliable source of information and they never lie about their own health. Growers must learn how to read their plants and that is why they constantly walk inside their greenhouse and assess their plants every day. 


We are innovating at that intersection, building tools and platforms that take the knowledge of master growers and crop specialists beyond the boundaries of time and geography.


We extend growers' presence across their fields and provide deep biology sensing to match their intuition. We empower people to do more and generate actionable intelligence and valuable insight beyond what they are currently doing.


We take care of repetitive tasks so growers can focus on high cognitive activities and focus on growing their plants. 

Closed Loop IPM

Integrated Pest Management is one of the most important aspects of greenhouse production. 

Our system provides real time alert of pests and diseases risks and also predicts and projects expansion direction of the issues if not treated.

Crop Work

Labour is the most expensive cost in the greenhouse. As such, a lot of facilities have adopted piece rate instead of hourly pay.


It is important to assess the quality of the work on crops. Ecoation provides various crop work assessment capabilities.

Yield Management

Our platform counts every fruit and evaluates and categorizes their color.

In addition to climate, the fruit count is the most important data point that can help growers improve their forecast.

Our system also detects fruits on the ground to help growers minimize their waste.

Climate Anomalies

Ecoation provides the world’s first spatial monitoring of climate and environmental conditions of every square meter of the greenhouse.

Maintaining consistent climate is essential for reliable growth and yield production.

Virtual Walk

In large greenhouses, it is impossible for the master growers to personally visit every plant. With the outbreak of brown virus and other infectious diseases, even consultants can’t roam around.

The Virtual Walk brings crops to your desktop and reconnects you with your plants.

Helping Guide

Third party visit restrictions are now common practice in most greenhouses worldwide. There is cost associated with consultant travel that limits the frequency of their visit.


The Helping Guide connects consultant to crop and the greenhouse operation without jeopardizing the health of plants or people.


"I really like Ecoation risk maps because it helps our team to focus. Ecoation risk maps greatly increase the efficiency of daily scouting jobs in the greenhouse."

Stella Shen, IPM Manager at Jem Farms



Interactive LCD, Computer, Encoder, RFID reader, Tilt and Height Sensor, Stand-alone Battery and charger that allow digitization of all observations.

  • Helping Guide consultant portal and two way communication

  • Location based live alerts for IPM risk projection and issue pressure

  • Location based live alerts for tasks, crop works and maintenance issues

  • Automatic and customizable daily reports with issues, task lists and risk maps

  • Interactive digital map of greenhouses with navigation and annotation tool kits

  • Historical reports, printable maps and site comparisons

  • Record yield trends, harvest, production metrics, crop work quality and registration

  • Record maintenance related issues and automated pipe alignment assessment

  • Record pest, disease and biological population dynamics and pesticide treatments

  • Geo-Aware: Automatic Bay, Row, post and location per square meter detection

OKO Digital

OKO Immersive

Digital package plus Cameras and environmental sensors that allow you and your consultants to interact with crops remotely.

All the features of OKO Digital plus:

  • Greenhouse Virtual Walk with crop consultant dashboards and task assignments

  • Supervisory remote control, task assignment, and management dashboard

  • Automatic harvest assessment: fruit count, color detection and pick line trends

  • Automatic head count, stem count, crop density and crop work quality assessment

  • Measure T, RH%, C02 and light level per square meter and calculate climate metrics

OKO Proactive

Immersive package plus a plant health sensor that can measure crop health anomaly at early stages.

All the features of OKO Immersive plus:

  • Automatic assessment of crop health and detection of anomalies

  • Pattern recognition, transfer learning and early-stage reporting of health issues

  • AI-Powered projections, analytics, recommendations, and dynamic KPIs

  • Premium reports, analytics and third-party integration

  • Greenhouse hot spot tracker and seasonal comparison reports

The Connected Greenhouse

Build the bundle that works for your needs


"Seeing the Ecoation reports allows us to make timely decisions and see anomalies in the greenhouse that will help us make decision at the right time to prevent outbreaks and crop loss."

Blake Fischer,
Head Grower at Jem Farms

OKO In Action

OKO Close-up in context.jpg


IRIS ScoutRobot

Available in 2021

IRIS Scout robot is the ultimate crop monitoring tool that takes the greenhouse management game to the next level. The fully autonomous row-shifting scout robot can monitor your entire greenhouse during day and night and provide never seen before insight about your crop and operation.


IRIS won the 2018 Innovation award at GreenTech Expo in Amsterdam and has been in trial in Netherlands and Canada.


IRIS will be available commercially in 2021.



Meet IRIS!

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