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A Value-Driven Approach: 7 Commitments to Our Work, Our Customers, and Each Other.

We constantly hear the term: core values, but what exactly are they? The definition of value, according to the dictionary: “something (such as a principle or quality) intrinsically valuable or desirable.” (Merriam-Webster). At Ecoation, our values are the cornerstone of the organization: they reflect who we are. They are the operating principles behind every decision, interaction, and opportunity we have. They are our collective purpose and one of our most important competitive advantages (our products are awesome as well). Our values create the building blocks for our culture and reflect what makes us unique.

We entrust our employees to ask themselves, ‘does this align with our values’, in times of great decision and debate. As a start-up turned scale-up, there are key decisions to be made on a daily basis. Without a concrete expression of the commitment we made to our work, our customers, and each other, there is a risk that the lines begin to blur with expansion. It is the accountability that exists in written value statements that enables us to grow at scale, with purpose and direction. So in the spirit of purpose-driven progress, we never compromise on our values and lean in when times are tough. All our values lead back to the fundamental principle: We Win Together.

The Care Oath

We care about our customers, employees, community, and the positive impact our products have.

We swear, to the best of our ability and judgment, to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and offer them tangible and measurable value. If we fail, we try again and will not rest until we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

SISU is in our DNA

We undertake the impossible as we stand together as a team.

Our inner strength and perseverance help us tackle impossible tasks and undertake hopeless challenges. We constantly turn uncertainty into knowledge and push the boundaries of possibility as a team.

Earth citizenship

We are passionate about enabling a clean future for all.

We are passionate about enabling a cleaner future and food for everyone. We strive to support food producers and help them to help all humankind. We deeply respect farmers and growers and use technology to empower them in their honourable quest to feed the world.


We are invested in Ecoation’s success; it belongs to all of us.

We work, act, and think like owners. We take personal responsibility for delivering on our commitments. We strive for success in everything we do and our collective progress. Ecoation belongs to all of us.


We are a team: our collective energy, initiative, and intelligence power us towards success.

We are a powerful and vibrant organism and our lifeblood is our collective energy, intelligence, and contributions towards a single purpose. We accomplish great things as a team and bring the best out of each other on our collective journey towards success.

Realistic Dreamers

We let our imaginations run wild while being guided by data.

We let our imagination go wild and dream a better world filled with possibilities yet we use data to guide our decisions. We measure the effectiveness of our plans using quantifiable outcomes and metrics. We keep each other honest.

Empowered by Diversity

We encourage authenticity and embrace our differences.

We draw our strength from our diversity. We welcome, respect, and value people of all backgrounds and walks of life. We care for authenticity and commitment to our vision and values independent of where in the beautiful spectrum of life you see yourself. We cherish our differences as we move towards the same goal.

As we continue to bring our technology to new corners of the globe and expand our team of 50+ engineers, scientists, and business professionals, we commit to leaning into these values. We are excited to expand on each commitment in the context of what they mean to our Ecoation Nation citizens in subsequent blog content in the months to come.

If you have questions about our values or any of the current opportunities on ecoation’s career page, please don’t hesitate to reach out.