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ecoation Appoints Mauricio Manotas as Chief Revenue Officer

Manotas, Formerly President of Svensson’s Americas Subsidiary, Joins the Rapidly Expanding Company as Chief Revenue Officer.

LEAMINGTON, September 15, 2021 – ecoation, the rapidly growing Canadian greenhouse AI and Robotics company specializing in Horticultural Solutions worldwide, announces the appointment of Mauricio Manotas in the key position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective November 2021. Manotas brings more than 20 years of experience as a global leader in the horticulture industry. He most recently held the role of President and Managing Director at Ludvig Svensson, Inc., the pioneering climate screen provider focused on creating better climates for growth worldwide. Spanning 18 years, Manotas’ career with Svensson began as regional sales manager, rose through the ranks and in 2014 become President of the well-known greenhouse player’s American subsidiary located in Charlotte, NC.

Manotas’ engineering background and manifold of university studies in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Colombia combined with his apparent approach to leadership helped in instituting Svensson as the most recognized brand for climate screens in the Americas. Over a decade ago he established Svensson’s presence in Mexico, creating a strong team that has undergone incredible growth for the company in the Latin American market.

Throughout his eight years as president of Ludvig Svensson, Inc. Manotas led the way for the US and Canadian team to become a powerhouse and key industry participant. He oversaw the company’s massive local facility building expansion and was recognized by the City of Charlotte for his commitment to social responsibility and philanthropic efforts receiving the Mayor’s International Community Award (MICA) for support of horticultural programs in local Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS). Mauricio also has served as a board member to serval well-known organizations, among them the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association (NGMA).

“Together with both my US/CAN team and Latin American team, I feel we accomplished far more than anticipated and did a fantastic job building the Svensson brand throughout the Americas, and I’m hoping to do as much if not even more at ecoation,” says Manotas. “From the moment I first heard Saber and Maryam recount their journey, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with concept and what they’re trying to do for the Horticultural world, I’m truly humbled that ecoation has instilled their trust in me to help take the company to the next level.”

“ecoation is on the path towards significant advancement in the Horticultural Biotech and AI/Robotic market and as we advance our journey and look to substantially increase our market presence, I’m confident in Mauricio’s ability and proven track record to help lead the company through its next big phase of meaningful growth,” says Saber ecoation’s CEO. “Mauricio has the right tool set and experience to make a lasting impact, ensuring ecoation reaches its true potential. The years of experience and deep understanding of the value of data driven decision making makes Mauricio the best leader for the world-wide roll out plan that we have here at ecoation.”

ecoation recently closed a $22.5M investment round led by $10M from Biobest Biological Systems (CEO and COO of Biobest joined the board of directors of ecoation) as well as $10M from the Canadian Government and $2,5M from existing investors from tech companies and organization including but not limited to Microsoft, NASA, Amazon, Yahoo and John Deere.

“I think that most people who know me, know that I’m a passionate in my love of the horticultural world and that I wouldn’t stand behind a company that I don’t truly believe will be a game changer, I look forward to the future ahead and can promise you it’s going to be an exciting ride, watch out world here we come,” concludes Manotas.

About ecoation:

ecoation is an award-winning grower-centric platform that combines Human knowledge and experience with Machine precision and automation to increase operational visibility, assist growers, and enhance their decisions. Commercially available since September 2019, ecoation products can be found in greenhouses across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. With an experienced team of 60+ growers, scientists, engineers, and business professionals from all over the globe, ecoation is passionate about enabling a cleaner future and supporting growers in making the best possible decisions. At ecoation, we are on a mission to empower growers because we believe in doing so, we win together. More information at Find ecoation on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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