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ecoation hosts the first educational Jamboree in Leamington for growers

The event was attended by over 70 local growers featuring in-depth information on IPM, Lighting and Biologicals

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (April 4, 2022) Leamington, ON – They say education is knowledge, and last week the team at ecoation in Leamington sponsored an all-Canadian educational afternoon featuring speakers from various horticultural companies at the Roma Club. The event, which saw over 70 growers and greenhouse staff attend from the various greenhouses in the area, focused on Canadian-made horticultural solutions in IPM, lighting, biologicals and more.

Calling it a “Jamboree”, Saber Miresmailli, ecoation’s Founder and CEO said this event is the first of many that ecoation wants to co-sponsor with other companies in the area. In this first Jamboree, the event was kicked off by Saber speaking about research ecoation has done in the area of IPM, climate and data analysis, backed up by data collected by farms in the area. In addition, Biobest/Plant Products IPM specialist Veronica Cervantes from Biobest spoke on IPM and Louis Brun, the CEO and founder of Sollum lights spoke about research Sollum has been doing into light spectrum and its effect on pest management.

“It is ecoation’s goal by organizing these events that we can get other horticultural companies in Canada to participate as well,” says Saber. “Knowledge sharing and education is important so that all of us - grower,s farmers, suppliers, researchers – can operate at maximum efficiency, run our businesses the best way possible. When we share, we all win.”

“ecoation is always looking for new ways to help growers streamline their processes and make them more efficient,” says Mauricio Manotas, Chief Revenue Officer. “We have seen what our platform can do for greenhouse vegetable growers, in terms of managing their IPM programs, crop work and fruit count more efficiently, and now we are ready to take this technology to the soft fruit and berry growers.”


About us: ecoation is a grower-centric platform that combines human knowledge with machine precision. Our suite of services includes IPM digitization and risk management, yield assessment and harvest planning, crop quality check, remote consultation, 3D climate per square metre, task management and remote viewing of crops. Through a real-time collection of data, growers can assess risk and make informed decisions about their crops, supported by the findings of ecoation’s expert agri-analysis team. Growers choose the services they want, and the ecoation team sets you up for success, with real-time support. Your unique growing data is secure and never leaves your farm. Service packages are available at various price levels, to fit your exact farming needs and budget.