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ecoation promotes Gavin Schneider to position of Vice President Agronomy and Customer Success

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (April 7, 2022) Leamington, ON – With the importance of research and testing becoming vital to farmers and growers, ecoation Canada has promoted Gavin Schneider to the position of Vice President, Agronomy and Customer Success effective immediately. Gavin, who has led the customer success team at ecoation for the past two years, is a knowledgeable agricultural technologist with experience in all aspects of controlled environment growing operations.

Gavin has been an integral part of the ecoation team for the past two years, and has worked closely alongside ecoation’s customers as they implement the platform to digitize crop data, including IPM, crop work and yield assessment. As part of ecoation’s customer service offering, Gavin and his team of CS specialists meet with customers weekly to analyze crop data and reports, and help customers make data-driven decisions on how to operate more efficiently and to provide actionable intelligence to help increase profits and yields.

“Gavin is the absolute best choice for the newly created position of Vice President of Agronomy and Customer Success,” says Sven Riemer, ecoation’s COO. “With his detailed horticultural knowledge and experience, as well as his deep understanding of data-enabled growing, in addition to his in-depth research experience, Gavin brings all the skills we need for this role to be successful.”

In his new role, Gavin’s will continue to lead the Customer Success team and will add to his duties the design, implementation and management of agronomic research projects and trials focused on leveraging ecoation’s software and hardware platform for maximizing plant productivity and yield optimization.

“Gavin is a farmer/scientist/philosopher who not only has hands-on experience with various planting systems but is equipped with an exceptional drive to push agriculture beyond the boundaries of possibility. A rare combo that makes him the perfect fit for the role I envisaged. I believe the community as a whole will benefit from his applied research and his activities as a true agent of change.” Said Dr. Saber Miresmailli, CEO and founder of ecoation.

Gavin was born in Alberta and grew up amongst the backdrop of family operated grain and oilseed farms before attending the University of Calgary. He completed part of his education in Norway and then went on to run horticultural research projects in Northern Alberta and Laos. Before joining ecoation he built and operated one of the worlds largest plant phenotyping greenhouses. He and his wife reside in the mountains of BC, and in his spare time Gavin operates a gourmet mushroom farm and hilltop greenhouse growing hot peppers and researching ways to grow healthy food in space.


Here (from left) Mike Mastronardi, GM Ontario, Riley Riddell, Customer Success Rep and Gavin Schneider, VP Agronomy and Customer Success.


About us: ecoation is a grower-centric platform that combines human knowledge with machine precision. Our suite of services includes IPM digitization and risk management, yield assessment and harvest planning, crop quality check, remote consultation, 3D climate per square metre, task management and remote viewing of crops. Through real-time collection of data, growers can assess risk and make informed decisions about their crops, supported by the findings of ecoation’s expert agri-analysis team. Growers choose the services they want, and the ecoation team sets you up for success, with real-time support. Your unique growing data is secure and never leaves your farm. Service packages are available at various price levels, to fit your exact farming needs and budget.