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OKO Tantalus: Same mission, Upgraded Platform, Shaped by Lessons Learned.

Available in January 2021, ecoation’s next generation of the OKO platform (OKO Tantalus) offers several upgrades including the world-first 8K 360-degree virtual walk with live broadcasting software and cart-independent hardware that allows the platform to be easily installed on existing fleets. These updates are the product of key lessons learned in ecoation’s first 18-months on the commercial market, which aim to bring a proven grower assist platform to greenhouses around the world.

North Vancouver, BC (Tuesday, December 15, 2020) - Since commercial deployment in 2019, ecoation has launched their OKO platform in greenhouses across the globe, including several facilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and various European countries. Each deployment has been an invaluable opportunity to gather key insights from customers. Leveraging the experience, research, and feedback from the past 18-months on the commercial market, ecoation has introduced several new improvements to bring a battle-tested platform to growers. ecoation’s OKO platform provides three crucial greenhouse solutions: closed-loop IPM insights, yield production assessment, and crop work quality control. This product upgrade encompasses improvements in all elements of the platform: hardware, software, and service.

Hardware Upgrade Highlights:

  • New cart-independent hardware enables easy installation on existing fleets, eliminating the need to purchase additional greenhouse carts (pictured right).

  • Upgraded 8K 360 camera enables immersive ‘Virtual Walk’ experience, providing complete operational visibility at a row by row granularity for growers and consultants anywhere in the world.

  • Adjustable interactive LCD with multiple mounting locations for ease of use by the operator.

Software Upgrade Highlights:

  • Redesigned data entry user interface, including digital guide book complete with high quality images of pest and disease symptoms as well as greenhouse best practices for treatment and confirmation purposes.

  • Improved Dashboard tool designed to cut through large data sets and deliver key insights in the form of daily alerts, weekly/monthly reports, and risk maps.

  • Newly patented AI / IA KENNIS Grower Assistant integrated into dashboard analytics to identify correlations in the data, moving beyond reporting what is happening and instead, why it is happening.

Service Highlights:

  • Third-party integration made easy with API and data exchange solutions.

  • Remote consulting through the “Helping Guide” feature, enabling integration with consultants and third party crop advisors.

  • Dedicated ecoation advisor included across all OKO packages to review greenhouse data with customers weekly and participate in strategic planning for success.

  • Taking the Human+Machine approach to the next level, the new Immersive+ package provides a certified operator & IPM scout to drive the OKO inside your greenhouse (certified drivers are limited to Canadian Greenhouses).

For full details on ecoation’s new upgrades and OKO platform visit:

While the platform has a new look, ecoation’s mission to empower growers and extend their knowledge and influence beyond the boundaries of time and geography remains unchanged. Starting in the new year, the outlined platform improvements and added functionality will further enable ecoation to provide growers with the right information, at the right time, so they can make the best decision.