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Sisu in Action: A Year in Review

Sisu is the Finnish concept of enduring strength, resilience, and perseverance in the face of challenges with insurmountable odds against you. It’s looking inward to find the grit to move forward in situations that others might see as hopeless. This piece of Finnish culture is something we find in each ecoation team member. Without leaning into this concept and drawing inspiration from our Nordic brothers and sisters, it’s likely that we would not be set up for the success in 2021 we are seeing in front of us today. Before this year comes to an end, the team has come together to share what it means to have SISU in our DNA, how we've leaned into this value to push forward, and as a result, what we are most proud of when looking back.

Read more here on the significance of Sisu in Finnish culture and history.


Remaining Focused:

Advancing Horticulture from 6-Feet Apart

A capture from one of the earlier ZOOM meeting days.

ecoation’s team grew by over 20+ new engineers, plant experts, and business professionals since March of 2020, who all onboarded online and came together to rethink and design a completely new product from the ground up. The truth is: You can’t build robots from home. This is a special nod to those who came into the office every day to engineer a better way and also those who stepped aside, made room for team members in the office to stay safe, and found new ways to deliver in their role from home. What does it take to make the necessary sacrifices to push forward in the face of immense resistance? When asked how the team remained focused and determined to succeed this year, their answers illustrated two recurring themes: the value in the work we do and the people that we get to do it with.

“I really identify with the goals and values of ecoation, so between that and our great team, I’ve been able to focus despite the uncertainty of everything in 2020.” - Kevin, Team Lead, Embedded Systems

“We are a tight knit-team at ecoation and everyone steps up when the project requires it. As soon as we are able to identify any issue felt anywhere in the business, we are able to pull together the experts and stakeholders and identify our options or additional information needed to solve the problem fast and effectively. With this approach, it feels like nothing can phase us. I have seen us solve problems that looked like they would cause a project delay in just a few hours to keep the project on track.” - Steve, Product Design Manager.

“I believe in the product and the company. I think we have a great team who have all worked hard to make sure we succeed in 2021.” - Tara, IPM Specialist

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, tours ecoation HQ via ZOOM in Oct. 2020.

It is no small endeavour to feed nations. We acknowledge the immense pressure and challenges that come with being a farmer and if our growers are continuing to work to put food on our tables during these difficult times, we are most certainly going to work to support them. As a testament to this, ecoation did not shut down our operations for even one day.

Saber, CEO (Left), Sven, COO (Middle), Tara, IPM Specialist (Right)