Increase Your Operational Visibility 

Plants are the most reliable source of information and they never lie about their own health. Growers must learn how to read their plants and that is why growth is a mixture of art and science, where human intuition meets plant biology.


We are innovating at that intersection, building tools and platforms that take the knowledge of master growers and crop specialists beyond the boundaries of time and geography.  We extend their presence across their fields and provide deep biology sensing to match their intuition.

OKO is the ultimate multitasking machine for your scouts and greenhouse workers! It runs on concrete or pipes inside the row. It provides pest and disease monitoring, climate checks, yield count and assessment, crop work quality assessment and much more, whilst the driver performs their designated task.



IRIS is the award-winning fully autonomous scout robot that monitors the health of plants, assesses and forecasts the yield, checks the quality of crop work and has the capabilities to perform spot treatments when and where required. IRIS can work day and night without human intervention and can cover a large area in a short period of time.



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