People Empowerment

Plants are the most reliable source of information and they never lie about their own health. Growers must learn how to read their plants and that is why they constantly walk inside their greenhouse and assess their plants every day. 


We are innovating at that intersection, building tools and platforms that take the knowledge of master growers and crop specialists beyond the boundaries of time and geography. We extend their presence across their fields and provide deep biology sensing to match their intuition. We empower people to do more and generate actionable intelligence and valuable insight beyond what they are currently doing. We take care of repetitive tasks so growers can focus on high cognitive activities and focus on growing their plants. 



Multi-Purpose Scout Cart

OKO offers dual driving more on concrete and rails and provides next-level driving experience. OKO is equipped with automatic location detection, interactive LCD and simple software for recording observation, automatic greenhouse mapping, and automatic data transfer. 

Crop Work Quality Check

Using machine vision, the OKO can check and confirm crop work quality, perform certain crop registration tasks, count heads of the plants and confirm uniformity, detects and count flowers and flowering speed and assess the quality of lowing, twisting and spacing tasks. 

Climate / Conditions per SQM

Maintaining the consistency of growing conditions for all crops is the key to having a healthy and highly productive operation. OKO measure climate and light levels/quality in every square meter of the greenhouse and detect anomalies and issues. The platform creates various maps to mark out of range spots across the entire greenhouse. 

Yield Assessment & Forecast

OKO can count fruits on the plants and assess their color. The platform generates yield trends and provides harvest value calculators. In combination with climate information and historical data, the platform can help growers improve their yield forecast and maximize their revenue with strategic price planning. 

IPM - Early Stage Detection

The platform can help growers improve their IPM activities through a tri-factor assessment and detection approach. The combination of live observation/detection with post sampling identification/historical trends provides an enhanced monitoring experience.  

Remote Access & Management

Ecoation brings your plants to your desktop anywhere in the world. The platform can provide remote access and view of the crop to reduce unnecessary traffic inside the greenhouse. Through interactive maps and apps, users can assign tasks and manage issues/observation. The platform produces various reports and trends that inform the decision of the growers. 

See OKO in Action

IRIS ScoutRobot - Available in Q2, 2020

IRIS Scout robot is the ultimate crop monitoring tool that takes the greenhouse management game to the next level. The fully autonomous row-shifting scout robot can monitor your entire greenhouse during day and night and provide never seen before insight about your crop and operation.  IRIS won the 2018 Innovation award at GreenTech Expo in Amsterdam and has been in trial in Netherlands and Canada. IRIS will be available commercially in Q2, 2020. 



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