On a mission to empower growers

Feeding the world is hard work and we know it. At ecoation, we exist to empower the resilient people who rise to the challenge every day of putting food on our tables.


So today and every day, you will find us in the greenhouse, in the lab, and in the office, leaning into our values and working to the best of our ability and judgement to support our growers.

Thank you for putting food on our tables.


"Once ecoation’s forecasts were calibrated they were consistently more accurate than my own forecasts."

Mike Cornelissen, President
Twin Creeks Greenhouse, Canada

Bert Mucci.png

"High-tech automation and Artificial Intelligence are very important for the future of growing in a controlled environment"

Bert Mucci
Partner and CEO of Mucci Farms


"I really like ecoation risk maps because it helps our team to focus. ecoation risk maps greatly increase the efficiency of daily scouting jobs in the greenhouse."

Stella Shen

IPM Manager, Jem Farms


"Seeing the ecoation reports allows us to make timely decisions and see anomalies in the greenhouse that will help us make decisions at the right time to prevent outbreaks and crop loss."

Blake Fischer, Head Grower

Jem Farms

"ecoation enhances our abilities by giving us more higher resolution data to make better real-time decisions."

Guido van het Hof

President, Great Northern Hydroponics


"It's very user friendly, easy touch screen and the overviews are great."

Dean Bernardes, VP of Operations

Great Northern Hydroponics


Case Studies

We invite you to explore our downloadable IPM Case Studies that illustrate what becomes possible when you innovate at the intersection of human knowledge and machine precision.