About us

ecoation is the industry’s leading forecasting platform for greenhouses.

Our IPM and Yield Forecast serves growers with actionable intel extracted from a mountain of data to increase operational visibility, assist growers, enhance their decisions, and help to scale their success.

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2015 Innovation Award

2016 Innovation Award

2017 First Prize Winner

2018 Innovation Award


2020 Challenge Winners, Society Category

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Who we are

We are realistic dreamers and we work hard to ensure the world can benefit from food that is quality, reasonably priced, and pesticide free.

Our mission is to help greenhouse growers get the visibility they need to protect their plants from pests and diseases before a pest or disease outbreak happens.

We also give them the ability to measure their crop, forecast their yield, increase labor efficiency, and minimize production loss.

Our Values

The Care Oath

We swear, to the best of our ability and judgment, to make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and offer them tangible and measurable value. If we fail, we'll try again and will not rest until we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.



We are a powerful and vibrant organism; our lifeblood is our collective energy, intelligence, and contributions toward a single purpose.

We accomplish great things as a team and bring the best out of each other on our collective journey towards success.



We work, act, and think like owners. We take personal responsibility for delivering on our commitments.

We strive for success in everything we do and our collective progress. Ecoation belongs to all of us. 


Earth Citizenship

We are passionate about enabling a cleaner future and food for everyone. We strive to support food producers and help them to help all humankind.

We deeply respect farmers and growers and use technology to empower them in their honorable quest to feed the world. 


SISU is in our DNA

Our inner strength and perseverance help us tackle impossible tasks and undertake hopeless challenges.

We constantly turn uncertainty into knowledge and push the boundaries of possibility as a team.


Realistic Dreamers

We let our imagination go wild and dream of a better world filled with possibilities yet we use data to guide our decisions.

We measure the effectiveness of our plans using quantifiable outcomes and metrics. We keep each other honest. 


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We Win together

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Working with industry leaders to shape the future of AgTech. 

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Customer Onboarding,
Success, and Support

Our customer experience team gives support to you and your team throughout your journey with Ecoation.

Your named Onboarding Manager will guide you through training and setup, and your Customer Success Manager will partner with you for ongoing advice and guidance.

Plus, our Customer Support team is available over the phone, via email, and on WhatsApp. 

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Learn how our platform can help you.

Book 30-minutes to connect with our team. We would love to learn about your business goals and explain how Ecoation can help save your total IPM cost and forecast your yield.

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Prevent Outbreaks

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Optimize Resources

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Forecast Yield


And much more.

Thank you for your interest in booking a demo with Ecoation.

One of our team members will be in contact with you shortly to set up your appointment.

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