Who We Are

 An experienced team of 60+ growers, IPM specialists, plant scientists, robotics / AI experts, engineers, and business professionals from all over the globe.

What We Do

We combine Human knowledge and experience with Machine precision and automation to increase operational visibility, assist growers and enhance their decisions.

Our Team

Dr. Saber Miresmailli

Founder & CEO

Maryam Antikchi

Founder & CTO

Sven Riemer

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Liggett

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Greg Stewart

VP Data Science

Matthew Cox

VP Engineering

Hazel Joomratty

Director of Finance

James Chung

Director of Operations

Mike Mastronardi

Director of Field Operations

Gavin Schneider

Customer Success Manager

Steve Humpston

Product Design Manager

Bryana Ginther

Product Manager

Dr. Patrick Wspanialy

Technical Product Lead

Aaron Bickell

EVP Sales & Marketing

Albert Pinto

North America Sales Director

Jean-Claude Lachance

International Sales Director

Dr. Christopher Bissonnette

Investor and Board Member

Mohamed Mansour

Investor and Board Member

Jonathan Bixby

Investor and Board Member

Vijay Mital

Advisory Board Member

Ryan Spong

Advisory Board Member

Sponsors & Investors


With every award recognition, Ecoation conveys immense gratitude to growers around the world. 

2015 Innovation Award

2017 First Prize Winner

2016 Innovation Award

2018 Innovation Award

2020 Challenge Winners, Society Category

Thank you for putting food on our tables.

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