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ecoation’s forecasts are consistently more accurate than my own forecasts.
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Twin Creeks Greenhouse
Mike Cornelissen, President 

I really like ecoation risk maps because they help
our team to focus. ecoation risk maps greatly
increase the efficiency of daily scouting jobs in
the greenhouse.

Stella Shen, IPM Manager

Jem Farms . Canada


ecoation enhances our abilities by giving us more higher resolution data to make better real-time decisions.

Guido van het Hof, President

Great Northern Hydroponics . Canada


ecoation looks at IPM, climate strategies and all anomalies that we can put together so growers can make the right decision.

Bert Mucci, CEO

Mucci Farms. . Canada


Working with ecoation has been a nice experience and they have supported us for the last two years. The OKO has improved in a great way. Our scouts here fi nd the LCD very easy to work with. I really like the climate maps on the web app.

Romain Techer, Head Grower

Le Jardin de Rablais . France


ecoation and the OKO help me collect and track data day to day at a granular level on my farm. Agriculture is changing fast and ecoation helps me keep up!

Gene Ingratta, President

Allegro Acres Inc. . Canada


With better predictions I can secure better prices of my peppers and ensure I’m being efficient in my operations.

Mike Cornelissen, President

Twin Creeks Greenhouses . Canada


I have worked with a lot of companies and tested a lot of different systems, but you are the first one that is so active. You are solving problems immediately.

The desires I had in improving my view on the dashboards and the reports were made in no time. I find this quite nice. It’s very new for the industry.

Andrei Mihai, Greenhouse Manager

Gemüsebau Steiner LLC & Co, Germany


We are impressed because this ecoation platform has speeded up our IPM data digitalization ensuring a greater and faster weekly scouting coverage.

Bruno Medina, Phytosanitary Specialist

Fall Creek . Mexico

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Golden Acre Farms reduced time-to-action and saved on IPM costs. 

with ecoation’s Forecasting Platform.
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"The IPM platform provides real-time data that allowed me to make decisions within a day. This meant that we were able to treat within two or three days, rather than 7-10 days.

The ecoation platform is crucial in helping us see the data we needed to make informed decisions."
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Golden Acre Farms
Michelle Montgomery, Head Grower 
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"High-tech automation and Artificial Intelligence are very important for the future of growing in a controlled environment"
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Mucci Farms
Bert Mucci, Partner and President 
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"ecoation's reports allow us to make timely decisions and find anomalies in the greenhouse that will help us make decisions at the right time to prevent outbreaks and crop loss."
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Jem Farms
Blake Fischer, Head Grower 
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