Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Software Platform 

IPM software platform designed for Commercial Greenhouses. Tried and tested in over thousands of acres of covered growing area. Documented to reduce costs, mitigate pest outbreaks and improve scouting efficiency. 

Less Pesticides using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool

75% Reduction in pesticides

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool for ROI

25% Reduction in IPM cost

Less Pesticides using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool for improved time-to-action

5x Faster time to action

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IPM Software for commercial Greenhouses

We keep you one step ahead of pests and diseases, so you can focus on what's important - your crops.

Less Pesticides using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool saves moneySave money

Create efficient treatment plans that slash chemical costs with IPM Forecast

Less Pesticides using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool Real-time insightsReal-time analysis

Receive notifications and review data daily to reduce time to action.

Less Pesticides using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool for ForecastingReduce administration

Increase efficiency with OKO’s location precision and automated analytics.

Reduce Crop Loss-2Less Pesticides using our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) tool to reduce Crop LossReduce Crop Loss

Prevent outbreaks, minimizing financial and environmental impacts.


The IPM Software for the modern Greenhouse grower

Discover how our IPM Software can revolutionize your greenhouse operations by significantly reducing IPM costs.


The ultimate guide to Yield Forecasting software for Modern Growers

We provide a seamless solution for evaluating your crops and predicting your yield.

Eliminate Scouting Coverage Gaps

Overcome the limitations of traditional scouting and optimize decision-making with IPM Forecast maps. By leveraging AI technology, the maps fill scouting gaps and project potential pest and disease issues across the entire greenhouse, enabling growers to make decisions based on 100% of their data.



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Transforming Into a Superscout

Supercharge Scout Performance: 

25% Faster and More Reliable with OKO

OKO is the first industrial-grade IPM greenhouse data harvesting system. It's used by successful commercial Greenhouses all over the world to digitize scouting, perform valuable IPM functions as well as collect and store data used in highly accurate yield forecasting of harvests.

The Location Awareness System on OKO revolutionizes scouting by enabling scouts to dedicate their full focus and attention to pest and disease detection. With OKO, scouts no longer need to waste time on manual counting or constantly locating themselves in the greenhouse. As a result, scouts using OKO have reported completing the same area up to 25% faster compared to other digital record-keeping apps available in the market.

Scout using the OKO device
Integrated Pest Management Software Platform
IPM Software Interface

Valuable Greenhouse IPM data at your Finger tips

An easy to use, highly intuitive interface lets Growers, Scouts and Owners seamlessly get a complete picture of the Greenhouse through AI driven IPM Software analysis.

The IPM software solution allows for detailed views on pest pressure throughout the commercial greenhouse. The software solution is available through the web or via the mobile app, allowing complete freedom to how and where you access the IPM data. 

The Virtual walk for IPM Managers

Our IPM software platform provides a comprehensive virtual walk of the Greenhouse that meticulously photographs the growing area, post by post. The detailed photographs are analyzed by AI to give you a comprehensive birds eye-view of your plant's health, disease pressure and crop count.


"ecoation and the OKO help me collect and track data day to day at a granular level on my farm. Agriculture is changing fast and ecoation helps me keep up!”

"ecoation enhances our abilities by giving us more higher resolution data to make better real-time decisions."

"The OKO is very user friendly and easy to operate which has made integration with our pepper forecasts smooth."

How Golden Acre Farms reduced time-to-action and saved on IPM costs.

Michelle's customer testimonial on IPM mobile app tool

"The IPM platform provides real-time data that allowed me to make decisions within a day. This meant that we were able to treat within two or three days, rather than 7-10 days.

The ecoation IPM software platform is crucial in helping us see the data we needed to make informed decisions."

Michelle Montgomery, Head Grower
Golden Acre Farmscanada

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Our team is available to chat about IPM, Yield Forecasting and software technology that fits your needs.

Saber Miresmailli

Cofounder & CEO

Dr. Miresmailli is extensively involved in the research and development of solutions addressing plant health and horticulture. 



Maryam Antikchi

Cofounder & CTO

Maryam leads product development for ecoation's Yield Forecasting software, dedicated to creating solutions favored by growers and scouts and championing sustainable, clean food production.



Gavin Schneider

VP Agronomy & Customer Success

Gavin excels in assisting growers and scouts with the implementation and adoption of technology, ensuring greenhouse owners maximize their return on investment.



What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a holistic approach to pest control that aims to minimize the reliance on chemical pesticides and maximize the use of environmentally friendly strategies. It involves the integration of various pest management techniques to effectively manage pests while ensuring minimal impact on human health, beneficial organisms, and the environment.

IPM emphasizes prevention as the first line of defense against pests. It starts with regular monitoring and identification of pests, followed by setting action thresholds to determine when intervention is necessary. The next step involves implementing a combination of cultural, biological, and mechanical control methods to manage pests. These methods may include crop rotation, habitat manipulation, biological control agents, such as predators and parasites, and physical barriers.

Chemical pesticides are used as a last resort and are carefully selected and applied based on their efficacy and minimal impact on non-target organisms. When pesticides are used, IPM focuses on targeted applications, using lower amounts and choosing the least toxic options available. Additionally, IPM encourages the use of alternative pest control methods, such as pheromone traps, insect growth regulators, and botanical insecticides.

One of the key principles of IPM is education and awareness. Farmers, gardeners, and pest control professionals are encouraged to understand the biology and behavior of pests, as well as the ecological balance of their environment. By having this knowledge, they can make informed decisions and implement appropriate pest management strategies effectively.

Overall, integrated pest management promotes a sustainable and balanced approach to pest control by minimizing the use of chemical pesticides, reducing the development of pesticide resistance, protecting beneficial organisms, and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Why should I use IPM Software?

Using software for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) offers several advantages that can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of pest control efforts. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Data Management: Software allows for the systematic collection, organization, and analysis of data related to pest monitoring, infestations, and control measures. It provides a centralized platform for recording and storing information, such as pest sightings, trap captures, and pesticide applications. This data can be easily accessed, reviewed, and used to make informed pest management decisions.

  2. Real-time Monitoring: Many software solutions offer real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing users to track pest populations and environmental conditions continuously. This enables timely intervention when pest thresholds are reached or when environmental factors favor pest outbreaks. Real-time monitoring can help prevent large-scale infestations and reduce the need for reactive treatments.

  3. Decision Support: Software can provide decision support tools based on collected data, pest biology, and established thresholds. These tools can assist in determining the most appropriate and effective control strategies for specific pests. By providing recommendations and guidance, software helps users make well-informed decisions, resulting in targeted and efficient pest management practices.

  4. Communication and Collaboration: Software facilitates effective communication and collaboration among stakeholders involved in IPM, such as farmers, pest control professionals, and researchers. It allows for easy sharing of data, pest observations, and treatment histories, promoting collaboration, knowledge exchange, and coordinated pest management efforts. This enhances the overall effectiveness of IPM programs.

  5. Reporting and Documentation: Software streamlines the process of generating reports and documenting pest management activities. It simplifies the creation of comprehensive reports that include pest trends, control strategies implemented, and their outcomes. This documentation is valuable for regulatory compliance, auditing purposes, and demonstrating adherence to IPM protocols.

  6. Historical Analysis and Trend Identification: By storing and organizing data over time, software enables the analysis of historical trends in pest populations, control measures, and their effectiveness. This analysis can help identify patterns, make predictions, and improve long-term pest management strategies. It also facilitates the evaluation of IPM program success and the identification of areas for improvement.

In summary, software for Integrated Pest Management offers advantages such as streamlined data management, real-time monitoring, decision support, improved communication and collaboration, efficient reporting and documentation, and the ability to analyze historical trends. These benefits contribute to more effective and sustainable pest control practices while reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides.

How does IPM work with OKO?

OKO is a powerful tool that helps greenhouse growers with their IPM efforts. By using OKO while scouting, the location information is automatically detected and the scout can spend 100% of their attention on pest and disease identification. The easy-to-use interface on the OKO also helps the scout to enter their observations into the system. OKO is also equipped with a guidebook that helps train the scouts on the go. The information from the scout, as well as environmental info, and a high-resolution picture, is uploaded to the cloud automatically, providing growers with real-time information and analytics. 

What makes OKOs better than IPM app?

There can be several factors that make OKOs better than other IPM apps, depending on the specific features and capabilities of each app. However, some of the key 
advantages that OKOs offer compared to other IPM apps include:

Improved efficiency for scouts
The automation of the monitoring process and the use of advanced technology reduces the time and effort required for IPM. This allows scouts to work up to 25% more efficiently and effectively. 

Real-time data analytics for IPM Managers
While the scouts use the OKO, all collected data, including environmental information and images, are automatically uploaded to the cloud. An ecoation AI engine analyzes the trends and sends a notification to IPM managers and decision makers when needed.

Generating IPM forecast maps
Most scouts only visit 20-30% of the greenhouse every week. OKO uses an AI model to process the information gathered from the scouts, and the environmental conditions, to provide a real-time IPM forecast. This information can then be used by growers to make informed decisions about pest control, as well as prevent and manage outbreaks before they occur. For example, if the IPM forecast map indicates a high risk of pest outbreak in a specific area, the grower can take action to treat that area and prevent the outbreak from spreading. The ability to generate IPM forecast maps in real-time and identify potential pest outbreaks early is a key advantage of OKO over traditional scouting methods and apps in the market. It helps growers to stay ahead of the curve and make proactive decisions about their pest control, ultimately improving yields and maximizing profits.

Lower costs for IPM
By automating the monitoring process and reducing the risk of human error, OKOs can help to lower the costs associated with IPM. The data from growers using the system for more than one season indicates significant cost savings.

How much ROI can I expect from OKO IPM?

The OKO IPM module allows growers to quickly respond to pest outbreaks, reducing the negative impact on their crops and maximizing yields. With OKO, greenhouse scouts can become "super scouts" by being equipped with the latest technology and information. This enables them to work more efficiently and effectively to keep their plants healthy and productive. Large-scale commercial greenhouses that were previously using pen and paper typically see an ROI of 2.5x on their IPM efforts. 

Who owns the Greenhouse Data collected by OKO?

You own all of the data collected and stored by OKO and ecoation from your Greenhouse. You have complete control and access to the collected data through our interface. We only store the data for the purposes that have been agreed upon as part of our Digitized Scouting, Integrated Pest Management and Yield Forecasting program.


Effective IPM strategy for the Greenhouse

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has become a successful method in greenhouse farming, serving to uphold plant well-being and reduce reliance on harmful pesticides. Through the integration of preventive and control techniques, an IPM strategy strives to manage pests, diseases, and weeds, all while fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly cultivation setting. We collaborate closely with our greenhouse growers at ecoation, supporting them in the implementation of a sustainable and prosperous IPM strategy.


Better IPM with no Scouting Gaps 

Given the limited time available to scouts and the vast greenhouse area to cover, there are gaps in the analysis process, hindering decision-making and increasing the risk of pest outbreaks. Nevertheless, ecoation has introduced IPM Forecast maps, a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes scouting efforts by providing comprehensive data. This innovative solution enables growers to optimize their scouting endeavors and make well-informed decisions based on accurate information.


Recruiting and Training  Scouts for IPM

The effective control of pests and diseases in greenhouses heavily relies on the expertise and competence of proficient scouts. These individuals have a pivotal role in monitoring, identifying, and resolving potential threats to crop health. Recruiting and training capable greenhouse scouts is an essential undertaking to uphold a flourishing and productive greenhouse environment. Explore the fundamental strategies and important factors involved in the recruitment and training of scouts.


Utilizing Spot Treatments as part of IPM

To combat the issue of undesired pests in the greenhouse, spot treatments provide an efficient means of pest control while minimizing pesticide usage. Unlike widespread application, spot treatments concentrate on specific areas within the greenhouse where pests are concentrated. This focused approach yields several advantages, including reduced chemical usage, minimized harm to beneficial organisms, and enhanced precision in pest management, safeguarding the health of your plants. 

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