Meet our Team 

Our team is diverse and talented, and we are all passionate about making a positive impact in the world. By helping reduce pesticides and decrease production costs for greenhouse growers, we believe that we can make a difference. Clean, healthy food should be affordable for consumers, and profitable for the grower. At ecoation, we are making this dream a reality.

Dr. Saber Miresmailli

Co-Founder & CEO

Saber, the Co-Founder & CEO of ecoation, is a vital force in achieving business success and promoting clean food for all. An award-winning researcher with a PhD in Chemical Ecology, he combines his expertise in agriculture with his roles as a farmer, entrepreneur, and food activist. Saber's leadership extends to global stages like the United Nations SDG forum, representing BC's commitment to sustainable food practices.

Maryam Antikchi

Co-Founder & CTO

Maryam, a tech entrepreneur and trailblazer at ecoation, excels in product development, focusing on solutions that resonate with growers and scouts for sustainable, clean food production. Her expertise as a system architect and platform designer, combined with her passion for tomatoes, drives her commitment to efficient operations and life-enhancing tools. Recognized as a 'Top Forty Under 40' and 'Clean50 Leader', Maryam is a true innovator in her field.

Sven Riemer

Chief Operating Officer

Sven is a results-driven executive at ecoation, focused on meaningful work that reduces environmental impact and boosts profitability. Expert in strategic planning, business development, and project management, he plays a crucial role in ecoation's sustainable success.

Michael Liggett

Chief Financial Officer

14+ years as a public company CFO with strategic and operational expertise. Proven success in finance, M&A, strategic partnerships, restructurings and risk management. Broad sector experience including biotech and forestry.

Matthew Cox

VP Engineering

Matt leads an innovative and highly productive engineering team with a customer-first approach, consistently delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Gavin Schneider

VP Agronomy & Customer Success

Gavin excels in assisting growers and scouts with the implementation and adoption of technology, ensuring they maximize their return on investment.

Dr. Adrian Fuxman

Director, Data Science and Innovation

Adrian is extremely passionate about helping growers get their questions answered through data and is always seeking practical ways to introduce emerging technologies to the market.

Dr. Patrick Wspanialy

Director, Research and Development

Patrick is dedicated to empowering growers through technology, consistently exploring innovative methods to enhance agricultural productivity.


Bryana Ginther

Product Manager

Bryana, a pioneering member of the ecoation team, is deeply passionate about creating tools that simplify the tasks of greenhouse growers and boost plant productivity. With years of hands-on experience, she has expertly designed, executed, and validated a range of solutions, working closely alongside customers to ensure their effectiveness and practicality.


Shraddha Parikh

Head of Talent

Shraddha our strategic Talent Partner, helps ecoation build and drive people strategy. Shraddha is deeply committed to fostering a nurturing environment at ecoation, ensuring that every team member has a solid foundation for both career growth and personal development.

Mike Mastronardi

General Manager, Ontario

Mike, our exceptional General Manager, excels in maintaining seamless operational systems and prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of our service meets the highest standards of excellence and reliability.

Ecoation Board Members

Dr. Christopher Bissonnette

Investor and Board Member

Managing partner of Pallasite Ventures. investor and advisor in more than 55 companies in MedTech, FinTech and business optimization SaaS.

AI expert and Neuroscientist. Impact investor. 

Mohamed Mansour

Investor and Board Member

Investor, advisor, and board member at portfolios of companies. Managing partner at Baringa Partners, a firm that was recognized by Financial Times as the best place to work in the UK for three consecutive years and was among top-10 mid-size companies for 10 years.

Jonathan Bixby

Investor and Board Member

Serial entrepreneur, active angel investor, board member and speaker. In addition to his investing and entrepreneurial efforts, active with several non-profit organizations. Sought after speaker on the topics of crypto currency, angel capital investing, accelerators/incubators and entrepreneurship.

Jean-Marc Vandoorne

Investor and Board Member

14+ years as a public company CFO with strategic and operational expertise. Proven success in finance, M&A, strategic partnerships, restructurings and risk management. Broad sector experience including biotech and forestry.

Karel Bolckmans

Investor and Board Member

30 years of experience in Crop Protection, COO of Biobest, the most reliable supplier of pollination and biological crop control solutions, reaching out growers as a global player with 24 subsidiaries and more than 120 distributors in almost 70 countries.