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Forecast Yield

The ecoation forecasting platform makes it easy to assess your crops and measure the weight of ready-to-pick fruit. This helps growers secure the best prices in the market.

With this platform, you can forecast yields with precision, so you know how much product to harvest and when.


12.4% improved accuracy


40x more fruit count per hour



50% more labour planning improvements

"Once ecoation's forecasts were calibrated they were consistently more accurate than my own forecasts."

Make more money with less guesswork

Get accurate short-term forecasts to ensure you can fulfill your retailer obligations and get the best process for your produce.

Fulfill Your Contracts

Get an accurate short-term forecast to ensure you can fulfill your retailer obligations.


Manage Labor More Effectively

Schedule labor and logistics to meet your harvest demand.


Secure Better Prices

Secure better prices for your forecasted production ahead of time, to maximize your income.


Predict Cash Flow

Get visibility into your income and cash flow to help manage operations.

"With better predictions, I can secure better prices for my peppers and ensure I am being efficient in my operations."